So, last night and this morning I used two of my products in a nontraditional manner…with great results.

This morning as I do most mornings I used the Lip Wax to groom my eyebrows. Works better than eyebrow gel and it’s less to carry around in my purse. The results are great too. I wax and tweeze and sometimes get dry skin around my eyebrows and the Lip Wax is great for helping heal and moisturize the skin as well. And if you tweeze like me (I sometimes cut myself…lol) there may also be a bit of scarring and the Lip Wax definitely helps with fading and quickly healing those pricked bits. There’s cocoa butter, vitamin E, and aloe vera in the Lip Wax which gives it its wonderful properties. The same for Lip Conditioner too- just the Lip Conditioner has more sheen to it and well I prefer sheeny lips sometimes but not shiny brows…lol.

The other product? Well last night I finally began staining a table that I’d obsessively lightly sanded over the last few weeks (I know). And true to form there was stain all over my hands! It was hard to get out and I was not looking forward to walking around with sticky, Mahogany Cherry colored hands and had to think outside the box because soap and scrubbing was just *NOT* doing it. I spotted the Exfoliating Milk in my shower and I am happy to report that my hands are smooth and their natural color…lol. I love the Exfoliating Milk for an everyday gentle scrub. It’s a cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer in one so it’s great for me because I usually rush through my mornings.

Anyway, I hope this inspires you to look at some of the stuff in your household in a different way. It’ll cut back on shelf/purse space at the very least. It’ll also be a throwback to your mom using dish detergent as bubble bath in a pinch…lol.