Okay, I finally have the list of baskets done. I’ll post them for you below. Holiday Shopping season has kicked off. If you’re like me you either missed those crazy after Thanksgiving sales or came so late you didn’t get the slim pickings of those crazily priced items. I was trying for video game chairs for my nephews, couldn’t get it but hey to avoid all of that fighting I’ll pay full price. Yes, I saw some grown folks almost fight over a toy. Crazy times!

If you’ve looked at my page recently you’ll see that I’m in the process of updating it. Check out the “About” page! The other edits to the “Holiday Shopping” page and “Gift Baskets” page are coming soon.

Until then here are the available gift baskets- http://rumandcake.com/baskets.htm. Take care!!!!!

Gingerbread Man, $10
Instant Vacation, $20
Sexy In The City*, $35
Gourmet Bath Goddess, $60
Chocolate Deluxe, $105

Perfect Gentleman, $20
Well Groomed, $65
Kept Man, $100

Get Well Soon, $25
Refresh And Renew, $45
4oz Wake Up! Salt Scrub
Make Your Own Basket, add $5
Snack Pack*, $10

Love Hangover Kit, $30
Romantic Night In, $40
Chocolate Deluxe, $105