Well this has been an interesting week but full of family, friends, associates, ribbons, and shea butter. Through it all ((after a bit of wallowing- I’m entitled)) I have remained positive and received clues from the universe that it’s going to be alright and affirmation that the possibilities as always are infinite.

I’m dedicating this to my great uncle a hilarious, dapper man from a different era. They dont make men like him anymore. Real, stylish, intelligent, thoughtful, full of crazy, funny stories he’d tell us as kids and a seemingly endless pocket full of dollar bills for us kids. I am thankful to have so many colorful examples of how to live and love. He passed away last night but I’m glad to have known him.

Stay blessed y’all and above all stay positive! I made an extra Instant Vacation which I am about to crack open and use for myself tonight!