I offer two massage bars in gift baskets but am wondering should I bother offering them flat out? Do couples massage each other anymore? The first massage bar I fell in love with fit perfectly into the palm of my hand and had the lovely smell of oranges and chocolate. Sounds crazy but it smelled so good. Of course…it was discontinued.

I don’t see that many places offering massage bars and I’m not trying to put a product at there that’d sit around dusty. I love massages, at spa, from honeyboos, giving them, hell giving myself one (I wear crazy shoes, man…my feet need massaging). Am I the only one? I need a poll function here…lol.

Anyways, I tested and played around and have Chocolate Massage Truffles…perfect, hand-sized chocolate-scented wonders that glide on wonderfully and Heavenly Massage Bar…nice, hand-size with a wonderful musky, sweet scent. They both have rose petals in them for that bit of friction and indulgence…but I mean will anyone use it? Bueller? Bueller?