Okay, I’ve been meaning to do this for the past week but I keep leaving my lil notes at home and anyone who knows me knows I have *HORRIBLE* memory. No really, it’s bad. So I will just give you my quick thoughts on what Fall 07 has to offer us.

Get yourself some tights. Every collection had opaque tights in them. Grey was the most popular color, then black, then some splashes of color and a some bold patterns.

The most popular color had to be grey and all its cousins…like steel, granite, pewter, and on and on. Alot of black and neutrals (stone colors)….but for actual color there were purples and then I saw some greens.

I still saw alot of belting, so dont throw your belts away just yet. While they are prolly not overpriced yet pick up some long gloves immediately.

There were *ALOT* of dresses and skirts which meant I was in heaven. Cute shift dresses but everything was extremely lady-like and flattering to all figures. Again, heaven for the kid. And the coats????? OH OH OH! Like I need another coat…lol.

Of course the 40s were the big buzz time period and say goodbye to your skinny jeans and stock up on wide-legged pants. I’ll be back with more later, man.