I need some kicks ((sneakers, tennis shoes, whatever)). I am finding *nothing*. I went out to help a friend find jeans yesterday and realized that I wasnt excited about my casual footwear choices. I have mostly pumas and adidas. Well that’s all I have…lol. I even have the first pair of sneakers I ever bought for myself…from 1993 some bl/wh shell toes. I love them so! And considering the fact that I dont wear socks much…they smell great. Haha! Here are the tolerable sneaker choices that I’ve seen. If yall have any other suggestions, let me know.

Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Ultimate 81 ((saw these in like 4 other color combos))

Keds Greta ((man, classic Keds I once wore them sockless with rolled tight jeans…lol))

Puma E NYC 1975 S ((technically for guys))