Yeah, so it’s taken me awhile to update. Do know though that I’ve been in these streets promoting my dressdressdress agenda. It’s really been all about wrap dresses and low-heeled sling backs for work and flip flops for play. In a bad-packing emergency I did not have a wrinkle-free item to pull out of a hastily-filled suitcase so I had to purchase something on the fly. Yeah, I know…I’m not supposed to be shopping. I had to though! Lol. Anyways, I purchased a dress similar to the B option shown below. The fabric is a patterned olive green and it really has a great fit and does great things to accent waists and breasts. I do recommend y’all pick one up. I got a great deal at Macy’s. And I got compliments on my ensemble all night in each random venue I ended up in- including an open bar fundraiser, “upscale” chain restaurant, underground hip hop bar, and train station.

Back to the topic though: here are a few dresses that caught my eye this month and where you can pick em up listed below. Enjoy!
A- Anne Dress – $120, Mignonette at
B- Matte Jersey Dress – $93, Nine West at
C- Jersey Trapeze Dress – $340, Development at
D- Nefe Dress – $130, Mignonette at
E- Burnout-Leaf Empire Dress – $130, Maggy London at
F- Denise Silk Wrap Dress – $141, Calypso at

And a word about Mignonette because I had the privilege of seeing their work at a fashion show/shopping party. LOVE IT! Small, indy designer with beautifully, handmade dresses. Be sure to check them out.

Oh and does anyone know what happened with GIRLSHOP??????????????????