Maggy London, son. This label is on 3 out of 4 of my Go To Dresses. These are dresses that look good on my when I’m fluctuating btwn 3 sizes, when I’m in a rush, and can be dresses up or down. If I’m packing, one of these dresses goes in the satchel. If I cant find anything to wear, I’m wearing one of these dresses. If I need to buy something in a rush without trying anything on, I look for Maggy London. The styles I have are classic and have lasted me for more than a few years without dating themselves. I wear them to brunch with flip flops, to work and church with heels, to weddings with glistening accessories- I can take them anywhere.

I don’t know the history of this label but they do know how to accentuate a woman’s body…especially if you are smaller on the top than you are on the bottom. Most of her dresses do the cinch or empire waist, fit very well and look great. I also have a Cynthia Howie dress in my Go To Collection but I think this is a fluke cuz everything else I see is for lil old ladies (NTTAWWT). Anyways, if you’re in your favorite department store and cant find *ANYTHING* go on and try one on for size.

A. This is the style most similar to what my dresses look like.

B. I can really see myself in this one. You can dress this up and down for sure.

C. This may be my favorite. I can throw this on to hang out for the day with some flip flops and go many many places and with a change of shoes (I’m thinking silver and high) be ready to party.

D. I am so in love with this sweet, simple dress. Someone buy it! I’m too clumsy for white.

PS. I have seen at least two of these cheaper on Amazon but their pics arent as great. And here’s a cute lil graphic, trapeze dress for 60 bucks: The model for this isn’t the best but dont let that stop you from rocking this.