Uh I haven’t paid Victoria’s Secret any attention since I left college and I definitely wouldn’t consider their wares to be anything to run and shout about and would much rather spend my lingerie money on better made, more comfortable quality items. I can’t hate on them though. They definitely were my store of choice for my earlier years and I used to stink to high heaven of Pear Glacee and those other loud, cloying scents of theirs. Those January and July sales were like panty raid time and filled my drawers with…yeah, drawers. And hey I can’t hate on them fully becuz I did just buy some of that perfume and a cute lil purse for my baby sister there this Christmas. Quietly for some reason my mom likes Love Spell and I bought some of that over Christmas too…but it’s not *my* steeze. Plus I make my own ALL NATURAL bath and body care products and scents so why would I slather my body with those chemicals. ADVERTISEMENT! HEY! RUM AND CAKE! DON’T BE ASHY! Lol.

Seriously though…..all that to say for some reason I clicked on their online catalog and was shocked to see some really cute dresses. Sure there’s alot of cleave on some of them and some are too short that you best not drop anything that you absolutely NEED to pick up but just check out these couple of cuties that I found. All from Victoria’s Secret.

A. Strapless Dress, $89

B. Curvy Wrap Dress, $79

C. Ruffle-Front Shirtdress, $69

D. Halter Dress, $85