Way back in yesteryear, I proudly walked around in large shirts tucked into colored jeans.  And don’t forget the body suit underneath it all.  Yes, I was pretty much looking like an extra from MC Lyte’s “Poor Georgie” video (see girl on left).  It was back then that I discovered my love for plaid- plaid jacket, plaid hats, and yes of course those plaid lumber jack shirts.  Worn with overalls and embarassingly even skirts. 

Nowadays, I still love plaid but it’s a little more shall we say feminine and refined.  Plaid is making a comeback and does every couple of seasons or so but these jackets that I spotted on Urban Outfitters have just enough hint of grunge and hip hop to  make even the sweetest silohuettes sing.  Take a looksie.  Oh and I’m still not allowed to shop but A and C really want to go home with me.

A. Ombre Plaid Coat, $98

B. Tiered Houndstooth Coat, $140

C. Check Coat, $360

D. Plaid Chambridge Coat, $159