Welp, if you’re anywhere in the Northeast you know that winter is coming.  It may already be here as just minutes ago it was snowing outside my office window.  I so am not ready.  Anyway, I was never the type of girl to wear a Starter jacket but I always envied how cozy and warm-looking those who did seemed.  So I went to search for the perfect puffy jacket.  Warm but still with cute where you can see that I am not shaped like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.  Here’s what I came up with.  Oh and if you see me in the streets in A. just pretend that I’m not fibbing when I say that it was in the back of my closet and that I didn’t just buy it. 

A. Belted Long Puffer Coat, $160

B. Bright Pink Belted Puffer Mid, $108 

C. Plum Cropped Puffer, $175

D. Belted Puffed Mid, $165