Well everyone has waxed on and on about Michelle Obama’s election night dress and I seem to be in the minority- I liked it.  The dress is beautiful, the issue is with her cardigan.  The cardigan was too long and where it hit made the silohuette slightly unflattering.  It would have been perfect with either a shrug or a cardigan that hit much higher on her torso.  The choice of dress is what I like best about Mrs. Obama…she takes risks and she loves bold colors, dresses, and classic shapes.  That and her love of low heels and flats, bare and shiny legs, simple makeup, and unfussy hair makes her number one in my book!  I love her best in the colorful, sleek dresses of Maria Pinto.  Here’s to hoping that’s who she picks to help her design her inaugural dress.  Below are some of my favorite Mrs. Obama looks- the purple Pinto sheath is my absolute favorite.  That’s when I took notice of Mrs. O’s style.