If you’re anything like me you’re probably just starting to put away that Summer/Fall transition wear. But before you put everything in that plastic bin make sure you can’t wear it well into Winter. Depending on the item, you might want to give it back its coveted space in your closet. You might even spot some winners in the clearance section of your favorite store. Pick them up and wear them now, you don’t have to hide them until old man winter leaves us be! Oh, yes I’ve noticed how I’m drawn to black, white and red…I’m currently seeking help- don’t worry.


A. Floral Print Turtleneck, $8 (yes…..and it’s actually $7.50)
I always have to make sure to dress in layers because I never know what temperature my office is going to be. This looks great under a suit or with a cardigan and a black skirt or pants. If anyone really paid attention to what I wore at work I probably wear the same black pants at least once a week. Pairing it with cute tops definitely outshines the fact that I frequently have on the same pants and pencil skirt.

B. Striped Square-Neck Topper, $11
This would definitely be paired with my aforementioned black skirt and pants with either a black turtleneck or black long sleeved tee both of which I have in seemingly endless supply. Probably because I buy one of the two every time I hit a store. This could also go on top of any of my plain black dresses or liven up a sweater dress.

These last two items can be worn in all year long with sandals, pumps, boots, tall shoes, flat shoes- whatever. Hose or tights can take them into the winter or fall along with sweaters and heavier tops. I have a few similar styles that always stay in the front of my closet.

C. Graphic Print Pleated Skirt, $30

D. Khaki Belted Pencil Skirt, $34