I don’t go to Macy’s because I have never been in a store that was not in disarray and I can’t concentrate in a mess. With sales like these I can understand why it looks like that. They are practically giving clothes away! Luckily, I don’t have to get stuck in the muck to take advantage of these prices and neither do you. Today is their One Day Sale and I have combed through tons and tons of pages. The next few blog posts will be from Macy’s. This first one though…I bring you some truly great deals all under $25! I concentrated on items that you can wear to work. Consider this a part two to the earlier Recession Work Dressing blog.Slacks-  One can never have too many work slacks and at these prices you can pretty much buy all of them with no guilt. One meaning not me because I am not allowed to shop. Don’t let that stop you though.


A. Black Side D-Ring Slacks, $15
B. Black Belted Slacks, $18
Yes, two pairs…come on… look at these prices
C. Grey Center D-Ring, $11
D. Dark Grey Plaid Cropped Pants, $8
I don’t know if cropped is still “in” but I take any chance that I can to show off my boots

Jackets- I love these two cute jackets. You can wear them over dresses, with slacks and skirts, as weekend wear with jeans, and when the weather gets warmer this Spring as a coat. The neutral colors mean they’d go well with pretty much any colors.


A. Metallic Zip Up Bomber, $20
B. Cream Ruched Jacket, $15

Dresses/Skirts- I have some great belts that I unearthed from deep in the bowels of my closet and these dresses are practically crying to be belted. With a cardigan, jacket, or by themselves this is easy dressing here. You can make even them fun and pair them with some great tights (coming soon to a post near you). I wear mine with boots and tights mostly like Option C until Spring. Lastly, this tweed pencil skirt belongs in everyone’s closet.


A. Turquoise VNeck Dress, $20
B. Black Empire Waist Dress, $20
C. Mauve Pleated Scoop Neck, $20
D. Houndstooth Skirt, $10

Denim Trousers- I have about three pairs of denim trousers and I love their versatility. I wear them on Fridays at work, on the weekends, out to dinner. They even make great club/lounge and concert wear. I wish I’d paid these prices for mine! My trigger finger is itching…let me get out of here!


A. Classic Black, $19
B. Two Button Dark Blue Rinse, $25
C. Two Button Light Blue Rinse, $25
These are the same as above in a different rinse. I am a believer in buying in bulk. If it works, why not get two?
D. Ludlow Blast Wash, $20