Sometimes shopping in the junior’s section is just the bump your closet needs. Let them know that you know how to mix it up and your bootie is bumping (unlike these models…lol)! Here are some jeans that you might find in your little sister’s, daughter’s, or baby cousin’s closet that would work better for you. Plus with these junior’s prices you can cop all of them with no worries.


A. Peekaboo Taupe Skinny Jeans, $49
Okay, yes they’re Dereon but they are so sexy and the right amount of gaudy. Of course it needs to paired with something plain. I’d go with a black turtleneck and some black booties.

B. Creased Trouser Jeans, $36
Everyone should own a pair of dark trouser jeans. They go from Casual Fridays to weekend wear to a night out. What I like about the junior’s version is that they fit tighter in the hips and thighs and the exaggerated wide legs.

C. Grey Acid Wash Skinny Jeans, $34
This is another pair that go great with a plain black shirt and I really like this model’s shoes. You can even funk this one up even more since they’re pretty plain aside from the wash.

D. Classic Acid Wash Skinny Jeans,$40
Now I’m old enough to have worn these the first time they came around but now I don’t have pimples and know better than to roll the cuffs and put them on with some Keds. Ha! If only they made truly skinny jeans then. Uh the model’s shoes are so not working for me. There’s such a thing as being too 80s.

*I really don’t even know what a bust-it-baby is but it cracks me and makes me very sad all at the same time.