It doesn’t really count if I used a gift card I don’t think.  I had to get rid of it because it’s going to expire in a few weeks.  It satisfied my hankering for plaid and red/black in one fell swoop.  By the way, Ann Taylor Loft is having a 30% Off Friends And Family Sale using code FRIENDS08.  I’d like to thank Tracy for letting me get my happy, hot hands on the code because that money on the gift card might’ve expired if I wasn’t reminded about it.  I even have money leftover but there’s much less on it that I can hopefully use on some more of these boot socks that I also copped once I find out how they rate.  I mean I didn’t buy what I really, really am fiending for so *and* I didn’t spend any money.  I’m going to call this a fair one.  Lol.  I still feel guilty so most likely I’m just gonna give the coat to my mom for Christmas.  Luckily we’re like the same size.  I’m keeping the socks though!