Well I am sure a couple of you are going to be attending some sort of inaugural ball in a few weeks time.  I am not the decisive type so we’ll see for me.  Luckily I have a few things stashed in the back of the closet that I can whip out if need be.  If you are not such a fashion Girl Scout, you might want get these for your closet whether or not a ball is in your near future because you never know.  I’d wait for it to go on sale alot more though.  Anyways, take a gander at a few items from  the current Neiman’s sale. 

neiman-gownsA.  Pale yellow ABS strapless chiffon gown, $135
B.  Lavendar Aidan Mattox Niteline silk halter, $119
C.  Turquoise Mary L. Couture silk gown, $70
D.  Bold yellow  Aidan Mattox Niteline silk gown, $123