A girl can’t always be good!  I mean right now I’d truly suggested but it doesn’t hurt to contemplate some extra frill for your closet.  You can do like I do and fill up your cart and then quickly close the window like you have some sense.  Anyway, I know it’s hard to go cold turkey and not buy all staples so here’s a mix of a few pumps and bags that are a cross between a staple and a frill.  If you know you’re going to wear something to death, sometimes you  need to think about quality instead of the price.  I have a bag that I love that is similar to D that I wore to bits.  Now if I would have saved for the proper purchase and not the budget version, I wouldn’t be singing this sad song.  If anything though, here’s something pretty to look at while you procrastinate on this here blog.  Cheers!


A.  Marc rustic silver bow pump, $165
B.  Juicy Couture gun metal mary jane, $159
C.  JCrew metallic peep toe pumps, $120
D.  Cole Haan black handwoven bag, $213
E.  Cole Haan  black small satchel, $148
F.  JCrew striped market tote set, $59

Oh I know you’re like is F really a splurge?  Well my current trendy, hippie, green-living tote cost me $5.  But if you’re gonna go green why not do it with the sturdier, heartier, grown up version.