Well right now in Case de Rum And Cake the theme is cleaning out and dressing up.  I’ve been supposedly cleaning out my closet since I began this blog and truthfully though I haven’t been buying much I really haven’t been cleaning much.  But each new year brings a new resolve so here we go again.  In addition to cleaning out I want to dress up my space a bit more.  My bedroom has been complete forever and a day but I haven’t found all the pieces to other rooms in my abode.  There’s always something missing.  Like I love my shower curtain but I could never find the right rug or I love everything about my living room but I can’t find the right curtains and so on.  I’d like to finally get all that together and be at peace with this space.  Historically whenever I place an interest in the decor of a space, I am about to move hence I always leave unpacked boxes around.  This time I think I can shake off that mojo and just enjoy my space full out and truly unpacked.  That is my goal for the early part of this year.  Let’s see if I can do it.  So yes, that’s what all last few photos have been about.  Visualizing and doing.  In clothing I am more classic and definitely into black and grey but in decor I am all about bright print on print on print. 

That aside- in cleaning the closet I’ve found some lovely frocks and accessories that it’s so hard to part with without knowing they’ll have good homes.  I might just have to get over it and go on and free myself from stuff that I don’t plan to wear (and quietly never ever wore….shhh).  New Year Cleaning inspired my mother to clean out her coat closet and I happily inherited a few great coats to add to my burgeoning collection.  Will take pics soon.  The times that we are in call for recycling and UPcycling what we have and buying less.  If I do buy something…which I do not plan to…I will only be buying investment pieces that I know will last me for a few decades.  Anyways, if you know of any swaps on the mid atlantic seaboard, let me know.