Old Man Winter has surely settled in around these parts.  It’s about this time that I realize that it’s time to pull out the big dogs.  The coats that are more warm than cute.  It doesn’t have to always be that way though so here are some cute coats that will keep you covered but also let you stand out a bit and look great.  Coats are a staple item but they can also be fun and you don’t have to wear same ole boring black peacoat all the time.  Enjoy!  D is my absolute positive utmost favorite- I WANT IT!  But I’mma chill so if you get it take a picture so I can live vicariously through you! 


A.  Electric blue hooded peacoat, $99
B.  Metallic tweed coat, $180
C.  Ruffly trench, $100
D.  Bowed high collar wool coat, $160
E.  Purple wool peacoat, $100
F.  Hot pink thinsulate coat, $150