Right now I am wearing some very comfy slacks.  Guess where they are from?  Guess!  Okay, you got me- Ann Taylor LOFT.  Lol.  I think they’re called Marissa and I have them in black and grey.  I love these pants.  If they were on sale I’d tell you to buy them right away.  But they aren’t included in this extra 25% off all clearance sale.  I did find a couple of things you might want to check out though.  Personally I’d really like to see their hooded grey trench go on sale some more.  Lil sis needs a new coat.


A. Blue silk halter dress, $30 
This is definitely one of those ‘break in case of emergency’ dresses that I can see in the back of someone’s closet.  For this price, come on!  It’s very versatile too. 

B.  Graphic print halter dress, $40 
I love this dress.  I can totally see this as a day to night option and if the fabric is like I think it’ll surely take you through a few seasons.

C.  Bell sleeve coat, $70 
Adorable and much like the coats in the previous post not your same ole, same ole but still classic. 

D. Satin rosette pump, $30
What are you still doing here?  Go buy these shoes! 

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