It was my intention to do a review of Notorious but what I actually wanted to review, I can’t find pictures to match.  I was minding my business laughing through this movie and BOOM! two fine young men appeared on the movie screen.  Now I cannot find any good pictures of Charles Malik Whitfield or Kevin Phillips that do justice to the beauty that I saw in the movie so until then I’m gonna chill.  What I can say that I saw the 2nd finest man that I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes live direct and in-the-flesh this weekend- Lance Gross.  His skin is so smooth, so chocolately, whew.  I’m not feeling this permed-out-caesar look that dudes are doing now but he was fine enough to make me forget about that.  The pictures really don’t do much justice as he was wearing a cream shirt that I think made his skin stand out even more…whew!  Congrats, Eva.


Oh as if you had to even guess- below is the finest man alive and I have been priviliged enough to see all this fineness in the flesh too.  Whew!  Thank you Toya for having him wave at me because I was too geeky and too stunned (hey I was like 18 shut up!) to act.  Okay, yes this is a gratuitous Blair moment but can you blame me?  I think I have a thing for goatees.  Lol.