Well all the sneaker hypeheads are a buzzing about Kanye’s new footwear for Louis.  They were kind of basic looking to me but I did like the details on them and can see how a man would want to wear them.  I’m really more of a high top fan right now (sneaker post coming soon) but the most impressive detail on these low kicks are the front and back edges that sit higher up so your pant legs can fit in them.  I’m so not mad at that.  Anyway, I saw another release from this Kanye-Louis collabo that I am just loving.  I have no idea the cost but I can tell you that unless I had a benefactor I will be looking at them on this page just like you.  Lol.  They are fly though.  Peep the details.  What you think?  I really wouldn’t want my man rocking them.  He can get with those basic jawns that are all over the net now.  Oh, maybe I should call Kanye by his new name- Martin Louis The King….Junior.  LOL!