Jessica Simpson is determined that you are going to love her lovehandles* and all!  She’s offering 50% off her shoes on her site until February 10th using the code JANFW50.  I have not worn any of her shoes but I have admired some boots from afar.  It’s worth a try at these prices.  Here are a few that caught my eye on a quick glance. Prices listed are pre-discount.


A. Brenda3 Metal Splatter Pumps, $40
Hey, what can I say- I’ve been loving shiny silver shoes for years and I’m not about to stop.
B. Nesco patent wedges, $50
I have a similar pair that I begrudgingly had to give away as they pinched a bit. These look alot roomier in the toe. The easiest way for me to wear a heel is with a wedge. They look great under some jeans and with dresses and are seasonless.
C. Rida boots, $60
I’ve been dying for a pair of tan boots to add to my collection until I dug into my closet and realized that I already had some. They definitely brighten up my all black/grey wardrobe.
D. Brunella boots, $150
Nice, flat boots are really hard to find. Especially ones that are restrained but not boring.

*She looks the same to me and I don’t see the big hullabaloo.  She had on an unflattering outfit much like I’m sure millions of people do everday…lol.  Poor girl.