When I lived close to one I used to love perusing the Home section of Urban Outfitters.  They have so many fun little accessories and funky-patterned items.  It’s a great ecclectic mix that you could turn into something truly beautiful.  They also have great sales. 

I typed earlier about loving pattern-on-pattern and Urban Outfitters is a huge reason that I’m able to do so in my little abode.  They are responsible for the curtains in my living room and bedroom and a few other accessories that I have lying around.  Just looking around this morning on their site, I created this lovely, bold bedroom board.  I am not about to switch my room around (yet) but this is really making me contemplate it.  Spring is near (yeah…I know, I know) and this would definitely usher it in.   Let me know what you think.


Most of these items are on sale right now.  The Lotus Poppy quilt is $30.   Each Flocked Blossom curtain panel is $38.  I’m a big pillow fanatic so I would buy two of the red Cotton Velvet ones ($15 each) to put in front of the Kaladieoscope shams ($15 for both) with the graphic black and white Floral pillow ($15) in front.  And everyone loves a little rug.  This 5×7 Chenille rug is $68.