So this weekend I went back to my roots and hit a small club for a slightly obscure, live hip hop show.  I love shows in small venues with crowds who know the music and adore the acts and don’t stand around like they’re too cute to even breathe hard.  I ,however, hate shows where fans act like they just got released on furlough and are happy to be amongst the sane.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show though my legs are no longer made for standing on concrete floors for 5 hours even in flats.  What I did not enoy was the moron that in his joyous, jubilant jumping fit ripped a piece off of my favorite black bag.  RIP, Braidy. You were my heart and soul.   I will miss your funky, yet classic style and the many days that we shared together.  I will not miss losing my keys, my money, nor my id in your lining.  Anyway, now I need a new bag.  This one is calling me, only $84.  Early birthday present?  Who knows.