I miss my friend Celeste.  She is the a really cool girl.  She’s a girl after my own heart.  Together we would travel all over DC enjoying all the randomness the city had to offer.  We’d go from a wine tasting to a bourgie happy hour to an art gallery to a poetry reading to a grimy hip hop show to a club all in one night.  Sometimes we’d change clothes in between events so as not to look too crazy at the next event but more often than not we’d be dressed cute enough to look great yet blend in from venue to venue and be dressed comfy enough to make it through marathon nights on the town.  That’s what these boots made me think about.  Basically though these are crazy Saturday boots and lazy Sunday boots, first date boots and lemme-throw-these-on-and-roll-to-the-store boots, sweater dress boots and jean boots.  Now I cannot attest to the sturdiness of Steve Madden as I haven’t had any in a long time but I’d be willing to give these a try.  And if you’re copping try this coupon code (CABIN15) for 15% off.  Oh, notice these are all flats and yet still sexy.


A. These Insayne Boots, $150 remind me of my favorite pair of boots that I’ve worn so much that the bottoms are uber thin.  Okay, whatever…there’s a hole in the bottom.  It’s time to let go or see if a cobbler can help me out because I love them and I can’t let go. 
B. I really think I should be allowed to have these Parkerr Boots, $100.  Like I know I’m not supposed to be shopping like that and all but these boots have my name written all over them.  ALL OVER THEM.  Uh, early birthday present?
C. I love the back on these Beatrix Boots, $100.  Just the right bit of whimsy so they don’t like like everyday, boring black boots.