When I heard about this prom party I was super excited.  While I had been to two proms in my youth, I never got to pick my dress to either.  I looked great but my mother was so excited each time she came home with a great dress that I’d try on and everyone would deem it fabulous.  Hey I learned everything that I know about shopping from my parents.  But, yes finally I would pick my own prom dress almost two decades later…woohoo!  I thought I had the perfect dress already in my closet and it was a great red  silk, strapless number.  But somehow between trying it on on the morning of the event, I got something on it that would not come out.  So here I was the day of with no dress!  Ten hours of shopping later, I came up with the finally product that met all of my criteria- not black, comfortable, figure-flattering, long, cheap.  This hip-skiming, tummy-hiding EGGPLANT dress as an added bonus is wrinkle-free!  I even got a flower and feather headband like I’ve been lusting after for a year and couldn’t imagine an occasion that I could actually wear one.  I had planned to make my headband even funkier with some tulle like bando and Twigs And Honey but I ran out of time (plus would you believe Michael’s doesn’t have colored tulle??????). 


Also, here is my internet debut on my blog.  Nope, never shown myself so I really hope yall appreciate this.  I just couldn’t find a good way to describe the dress nor could I find a picture so enjoy.  Is this enough to garner a comment on this piece?  Geez!  I love the emails and inboxes though so thank you for the love either way.  Yes, the picture is crappy but this is from my camera phone. And yes, I’m in the bathroom…lol.  I must love ya’ll, like really.   I had no idea these would be some of the only pics I took that night.  ((An aside- I’ve been looking in vain for a picture of the dress but I can’t find one.  I took my face out because I can’t have my debut associated with my BATHROOM and with my toilet in clear view.  Ugh!)) 

So in all, the prom party was a great idea.  Everyone looked lovely- from the gents in suits and tuxes to the ladies in all sorts of colorful and fabulous frocks.  The decor was an array of pinks, reds, and whites and absolutely beautiful and fun.  Oh and my last minute dress?  $58.  Scarf/wrap- $12.  Headband including all supplies- $5.  Shoes, of course I had some.  Finally picking my own prom dress? PRICELESS!