Listen, Macy’s has some great sales from time to time that I cannot deny.  However, I am not and have never been a Macy’s brick-and-mortar fan.  Their online store is cool with me but I need to try my clothes on especially if it’s not a brand that I buy alot.  If I find myself in a Macy’s store it’s probably out of desperation or I’m accompanying someone else. 

Maybe this time it wouldn’t have seemed so bad if I hadn’t visited Lord And Taylor first.  At Lord And Taylor it was a peaceful shopping experience with items neatly placed on racks luring you to touch them.  If you were confused about a price, the scan machines were plentiful, easily located, and get this- OPERABLE.  The dressing rooms were clean, carpeted, and staffed.  The lines were efficient and the sales people friendly and pleasantly chatty.  They didn’t have what I needed though so I headed across the mall to Macy’s.  It was the total opposite of Lord And Taylor.  Packed, dirty, frenetic…I didn’t even want to shop anymore and I immediately became tired and exasperated just by LOOKING at the place. 

The racks were crammed, sizes out of order, pieces falling to the ground if you even brushed by them.  Lines were long, sales people non existent, and the price check scanners did not even work.  The dressing rooms looked worse than my closet on its worst day and that’s saying ALOT…lol.  Stuff was everywhere.  But I braved through.  They actually had some decent items there and the prices weren’t bad but if I wasn’t desperate for an outfit for this prom party I definitely would have just walked out as soon as I walked in.  I am just not a fan of chaos and clutter for my shopping expeditions.  I love shoes and the prices were great but you had to push shoes out of the way to even walk down the aisles- total turn off.  Anyway, two Macy’s and HOURS later I emerged victorious with a great dress and a wrap.  Would I do it again? Nope- not if I can help it or I was told it was revamped.