This Anthropologie coat that I spotted a few weeks ago (still on sale in stores for $50)  is really what pushed my Spring Fever to the forefront.  It was so soft and lush looking like a watercolor painting.  Yes, you need to see it in person and this picture is bad but take my word for it…lol.  Anyway, after that more and more I began to see items that had a pretty,  hand-painted look. Some vibrant, some muted but all beautiful.  Take a looksee.


A. Another Anthropologie item of course. They do soft and muted so very well. This Santa Fe Dawn Blouse is $40.
B.  The one should strap is really big and this light, airy fairyish dress does it so well.  More Ruche for ya- Yellow Aquarelle Silk Dress, $60.
C.  Vibrant, abstract brush strokes from BB Dakota on this satin stunner called the Kravitz.  Yours for $72. 
D.  This Arden B is calling me like crack to Pookie.  Can you imagine this on sun-kissed skin?  It’s sexy without going too far…do you see the straps, the cut out…I can just imagine it flowing over and skimming my hips.  Must…resist…the Sublimation Twist Strap Dress, $58.