So, highwaters: yay or nay?  I say yay!  Sometimes I want to make sure you see EVERY SINGLE DRIP DROP of my shoes and how else can this be done without highwaters?  Let’s just call them by their politically-correct name, okay?  So, cropped pants:  yay or nay?  This here was composed to sway you.  Can’t you just see yourself hanging with the ladies or headed on an evening movie date in this? 


A. Cute puffed-sleeved cardigan from Target of all places for $25. 
B. Ruffled cashmere halter on sale at Hautelook for $72.60.
C. The star of the show- Gap cropped jeans, $25.
D. I am in love with this Urban Outfitter Kimchi Blue Clutch, $38.  Don’t be surprised if you see me working it sometime soon.  I have a closet full of LBDs crying for it.
E. Yes, these Banana Republic shoes have made their 2nd appearance. I want them! I’m sure they’ll be on sale again soon. Right now it’s $100.