bow-modOkay I really need to stop with the bows. I’ve already done one, two installments but I couldn’t resist blogging these beautiful ModCloth dresses. Take a look around the site too as they always have a few vintage yet fashion-forward items in stock. But yeah, this is my last bow post (for the week, that’s all I can promise you.)

A. Laura Engall wishes should could be this fresh. The Annabel Lee dress is $65 and I can see it with a long, cream cardigan with a gold belt and accessories or by itself with some caramel accessories. I love it.
B. The Urban Sophisticate, $50 mixes stuffy and comfy all into one sweet jersey dress.
C. I’ve been eyeing this Crown Jewel dress for months. It’s only $48 so one of you please buy and I can stop obsessing about the great deal that no one’s taking advantage of. Lol.