Yes, I know it’s supposed to be Three Dubs but today I’m going to give you SEVEN. Broken down that’s two versions of Three Dubs- Work, Weekend, Wedding and one I Want It! Let’s get it started (Hammer’s best song, don’t sleep).

This palette is looking very Rastafari but it wasn’t on purpose. I was just looking for reasonable dresses under $50. What I found was two under $25 and one in the $40 range.


A.  Work– Love this little lime belted shift.  The sleeves and the collar are added bonuses.  I would even wear this out so it’s great for day to night.  Would you believe that this is from Target for $25?  (Note to self: stay away from all Targets. )
B. Weekend– This vibrant smock tube dress comes in a bunch of colors but this electric yellow just sings.  Only $24.50 at Old Navy.  You can just throw this on and go pretty much anywhere by changing your flip flops to sandals to pumps.
C. Wedding– The one shoulder, the empire waist, and the pleating make this dress very much one trend.  Calculating in the discount you get because Macy’s having a Red Hot Sale, the price is only $49 and some change.

The Red Hot Macy’s sale on til Sunday inspired me to look further into the stash and even though I hate Macy’s, no like really…the online store always has great sales. These are what I came up with offa there.


A. Work– I’d wear this floral dress with my long, black boyfriend cardigan over it of course. Perhaps I’d switch out the belt for something thicker and maybe even more colorful.
B. Weekend– Everyone need a little denim shift like this in her closet. Seriously.
C. Wedding– This color would look great on someone bronzed up and chocolately. This Anne Klein dress worn on the right body shows all the right curves and let’s you give them some sun-kissed shoulder too. Watch out now!

Okay of course I can never not find something to lust over. This dress makes me want to frolic and skip about the streets. I’d even do it on a rainy day like today leaping over puddles like it wasn’t a thing. That’s how cute this DKNYC dress is. I’m not paying $179 dollars for it though…lol.