Okay so one of the reasons that I love these boutique-like, sample sale-ish sites is because they hip me to new designers.  Today, thanks to Hautelook I discovered Julie Haus.  I am really loving her girly yet classic style.   I’m still obsessed with bows so you know I was loving that aspect but she’s done them in a way that is not saccharin and girly. It’s girly with structure and a bit of edge.  Anyway, check these three dresses for a perfect Three Dubs: Work, Weekend, Wedding post up.  This purple work dress is giving me primo prim and proper, I’m loving the sass of this denim weekend dress, and this silk black number would have me subtly killing them at many cocktail events.


Then, take a look at what is pretty much the perfect pair of pants.  Come on, check the wide leg and the pleating and buttons. You can wear this with a tshirt for relaxation, a nice cardigan for work, and a sultry sleeveless number for a night out.  Did I mention that they are only $59 bucks?  Someone has *GOT* to buy these pants…seriously. 


Finally, I am so loving the cut of this dress but I can’t make up my mind on it because I am not a fan of animal print.  It doesn’t totally bother me so I can’t call this dress ugly but I can’t say for sure that I’d wear this dress or not frown at someone with it on.  Yay or nay?  Those shoes really aren’t helping.  Either way though, Julie Haus is definitely someone that I’m going to keep an ear and eye out for.