You want it springy or you want it classic- Rebecca Howe has it.  This is pretty much the perfect dress for my body shape and actually could work for pretty much anyone’s shape.  It shows a little cleave (or clavicle…whatever you have make it work), accentuates the waist, and skims over the hips (or not…again, it can work).  Plus the light pleating can help disguise your tummy or maybe even give you the appearance of a little lady bulk…lol.  You can wear this with flip flops, flats, sandals, or pumps and it’ll still look good.  Me?  If I was buying, I’d buy it in both colors but I have a closet stuffed to the gills so don’t listen to me…lol.  Seriously though, this is the perfect Spring to Summer yet can still work for early Fall dress.  For more mileage of course you’d get the black one.  It’s at RueLaLa, ya’ll…enjoy!

Oh, yes I’ve been ghost but I’m back don’t fret.