No I don’t have any kiddies of my own but I have bought a few diaper bags in my time and I’m sure we can all agree that the majority of them are pretty much fugly.  This 18 x 16 x 3 bag looks like it can hold a few bottles, diapers, bibs, and the like and you can actually look good doing it.  You can keep the bag through the toddler to teen years as well because it can definitely hold snacks, toys, books, and aspirin.  Lol.  Don’t mind me I just spent about a week and half with my two lovely, rambunctious nephews which reminds me that you should add some lotion and some earphones to that bag.  Teehee.  Now if you’re a single gal like me and just babysitting, once you drop the kiddies off with their rightful owners you can use your bag again for water, magazines, flip flops, and a bunch of lip gloss.  Either way…this Sondra Roberts “Nice” tote bag pretty much works.