Okay, more from Banana Republic and its sister stores- Gap and Old Navy.  This time a few jackets and tops that caught my eye.  Uhm, I just noticed the color scheme of red, black, and grey- my signature colors.  I have a sickness, man.  I wasn’t even trying.  Help meh!


I hate how this first sweater coat is styled.  It really doesn’t belong with this dress.  Maybe a solid black, more shapely dress would look nice but I’d most likely do this with a pair of skinny jeans, a tank, and some flats.  It’s only $50.   This second swing jacket would get alot of wear from me I’m sure.  It would pretty much go over any and everything.   For only $20, you can buy the taupe one too…lol.  This last peacoat is a nice, light jacket that would definitely help make it through these Spring showers and hail storms.  Another item that costs $20 so you can also think about the teal one or the yellow one.  Not for you of course but as a gift for someone else.  Now for the tops…


These are just a few flattering swing tops.  Maybe you don’t have your summer six pack ready (LOL).  It’s okay, these casual tops have lots of interest at the top and on the sleeves to draw the eye up to your lovely face and collarbone/clavicle action plus the shirts are slightly a-line which allows for you to continue to enjoy those yeast rolls at the Golden Corral.  Oh is that just me?  Fine then!  These shirts from JCrew, Banana Republic, and Old Navy respectively.  Please appreciate this use of color…lol.