Some days I get invited places last minute, some days I finally make up my mind to actually go somewhere last minute, some (MOST…let me keep it real) days I’m piddling around cleaning on the internet or something and before I know it, it’s 15 minutes before it’s time for me to go.  That’s when I pull out a Ready Roll.  That’s the dress that you can dress up or down, that doesn’t require ironing, that the right accessories can make it go from plain to pladow, that you know is there waiting for you to throw it on and run out of the house.  This could go in the Ready Roll collection for sure.  I’d prefer a much deeper purple but it’d do.  The Shine Elbow Puff Sleeve Dress is by Michael Stars and is currently on sale for $32 at Hautelook.  Do you have a Ready Roll dress or collection of dresses?