So, I have two pretty neat activities coming up which require some cute outfits.  I have searched my closet and found four contenders (all with tags still on them *smh*) but can’t quite figure out which ones to let have their day in the sun.  So what do you think?  The first event will be with a gaggle of girlfriends but will be more subdued and the second with a cauldron of co-eds for a wild birthday party.  For both I want to be comfortable and able to roam from activity to activity and still look good. I could pretty much wear either of these and be happy so help me.  Oh and please ignore my hair plaits, I was just about to hop in the shower and wash it.  Without further ado, the contenders in alphabetical order- (update: I deleted the contender pics. Here’s the winner…)

pick dress- black final tinypic

The votes are in and I wore The Black Dress. I wore it with some really sexy bronze stilettos (oh there’s a funny story here that I may tell), some wild and curly hair, and some other stuff to make it pop. I will wear The Mango Dress next weekend. The Orange Dress is obviously better suited for a taller woman with more cleavage and hips than I can provide. It’s a size 14 and will be on sale here soon with better pictures. I hope to get better pictures of my choices so that I can post the final picture results. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!