So I’m currently rocking big hair and big hair begs for big earrings. Well or small ones but that’s another post. This post is about a crafty chica whose HANDMADE earrings caught my attention while messing around on Twitter (add me). La Bella Bijoux has some pretty funky and original jewelry on her etsy site. I’m partial to her earrings. I’m trying to decide which of these four should go home with me. I wish I would have found out about her sooner because I could surely used a pair of her earrings this weekend. Ah well…next time, Gadget. Either way, check the lady out. Let me know what you think. Here are my favorites. It’s pretty obvious that I was thinking of the mango dress that I’m planning to wear this weekend when I made my picks…lol. Pictured earrings are from $12 to $14.

la bella bijoux