So, last week this time I was all atwitter trying to throw an outfit together.  I had some  help and some suggestions, I did alot of accessory shopping, and it finally all came together in a way that I was extremely happy with.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the good pictures yet but it’s only fair to give you what I have.  Plus you’re used to my bathroom pictures by now I hope.  Fret not though, all that will soon change.  Don’t leave me yet!  Anyway, here are the steps that I took to my perfect semi-formal outfit. 

black tie dresses

Step One:  I really wanted to wear this green dress…especially when I saw the green accents on this Anthropologie Ranculus necklace!  Alas, unless I was going to stuff my bra, it’s just not working for me.  I will be offering this dress up to someone else (holler if you’re interested) very soon.  It’s just not for me and I hate water/extra padded bras and socks and tissues are just too embarassing.  One day I may put some Ds on this sitch but not anytime soon. 

Step 2: Kept the golden accessories and changed my dress.  It was cool but I really didn’t like how the necklace sits as I mentioned in this Anthropologie necklace review post.  I would have been adjusting it all night long!

Step 3:  Switched up the accessories.  Another Anthropologie necklace- Stormy Sea, black patent leather high pumps, silver clutch.  I felt like I was close.  I felt very Audrey-esque especially with the shoes.  But I felt like I could kick it up a notch and I had just the shoes to do it.

Step 4: Yup!  Let’s go!  These platform sandals were so comfortable too.  I can’t wait to wear them again.  Better pictures coming soon.  For now this is the best that I can do of the sandals.

black tie shoes