Okay, so everyone’s all about statement necklaces and after searching high and low- Anthropologie is really the best place doing it right now. If you are near a brick-and-mortar you should definitely take a stroll in there. They have alot of good statement necklaces on sale at great prices in addition to the ones we can see online. I’m going to talk about the two necklaces that I took home for a trial run with the last minute outfit that I had to put together last week.

First up is the Ranuncula Necklace, currently $42 at Anthropologie. It’s really just as beautiful in person and it has little green beading detail inside the flowers that you really cannot see online. It hangs as it says and would look lovely with a myriad of looks. My only issue is that on me it would not lay flat at all! The two middle flowers bunched up and were really bothersome to me. If you can get past that and aren’t as persnikety as I am, I’d highly suggest this necklace. You can definitely dress it up and down. I tried it on with a tank, cardigan and jeans and then with a lovely, silk strapless dress. I’ll show this dressed-up version in my next post.


anthro floral necklace


Okay, the other necklace that made it home with me was the Stormy Sea Necklace, currently $48 at Anthropologie. The internet started going nuts after this necklace after it was worn by contestant Sweet Pea on Project Runway. It’s very beautiful and bold and comes in tons of great colors. I really LOVE the yellow one best but the grey one not featured online is the most versatile to me. I felt it also better suited the aesthetic that I was going for at my event. I personally would only wear this with dresses but I can see someone else rocking it for leisure as well. I adored this necklace but it kind of made me self-concious. It received tons of compliments but I guess I am not a statement necklace girl. Please don’t let that discourage you because this necklace is absolutely fabulous, well-made and gorgeous! Act fast though!


anthro glass necklace