So, one random day while hunting for the best deal on euro pillows and killing time on a lazy evening I happened into Kmart. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a really pretty dress. Yes, a really pretty dress from Kmart. While I did not buy that dress (as you know I have no reason buying another dress) I remembered that hey…sometimes Kmart actually does have decent stuff. I’ve gotten some great candles and throw pillows and the like out of there so I guess it’s not such a stretch to find a shirt or two. Anyway, last week while trying to get a memory card for my janky phone I was back in a Kmart again. I went over to the clothing section and tried on a few things.

kmart shirt 2

This THRE3 by U.S. Polo Assn. Women’s Ruffle Shirt, $20 is a nice little basic. It is very versatile and can be pretty much done any way you want. It’s comfy and cute.

Alright, I did not like this second shirt at all. It had alot of promise but I cannot imagine one body shape that this would look good on. The blousing effect at the bottom is really just too much. If you want to try it for yourself it’s the Attention Women’s Solid Pleated Shell Top, $17.

kmart trip

I cannot find this first dress online at all. The pintucking is adds some interest to this shift and it would look great belted and cardigan-ed up for now and then all on its own when we get back to Spring. I think this dress was like $30. I’m not too keen on that price point.

I saved the best for last. I absolutely loved this Attention Women’s Pebble Print Ruffle Shirt Dress, $30. It fit well. The fabric felt fine and it was decently well made. I adore this pattern and all the details and ruffly frills. I think someone should buy this dress. I didn’t but this is a steal. I have no room in my full-as-hell, still-not-cleaned closet.

Here are some other items from Kmart that you might want to try out on your own. Seriously, the next time you’re buying some paper towels and deodorant, think about browsing through the clothing section.

blue light special

A. I love the aubergine color of this blouse.
Route 66 Women’s Flower Crocheted Applique Top, $12

B. The details are really pretty on this one.
Attention Women’s Short Sleeve School Girl’s Blouse, $12.

C. Belted sheaths are my favorite kinds of dresses.
Attention Women’s Shirred Sheath Dress, $30

D. Totally an all season dress with a fun pattern.
Attention Women’s Cowl Neck Tie Waist Dress, $15