I love Anthropologie. If I could I would just move into their store and live happily ever after for the rest of my life. Okay, anyway- some people go into the store and skulk out because of their price point but my dears, do yourself a favor and make sure to peruse the sale section because it is pretty awesome. You may have to wait awhile but you will find a piece that’s worth your while and at a price you won’t mind spending. Here are a few items from their current sale that might encourage a click and cart. The last pic of of my last Anthropologie purchase. This cute lil $19.95 top that may be a part of my Halloween costume. I’m going as a hippie. Lol.


A. Brona Sweater Dress, $29.95
B. Sunlit Angles Sheath, $59.95
C. Garcon Jacket, $19.95
D. Blooming Bow Bag, $39.95
E. Checkered Step Flats, $29.95
F. This isn’t on the site anywhere but I scooped it from the brick-and-mortar. 70s/Hippie-ish enough? Uh this was a strictly Halloween-only purchase but don’t tell my closet that I cheated, okay?