I used to be a very avid thrifter long ago and sometimes I’ll pass a spot and my heart beats a little faster at the anticipation of The Great Bargain awaiting me hidden beneath piles and racks of crap. But uhm, I’m really kind of lazy and so uninterested in spending hours unearthing treasures at this point in my life. I do still appreciate a great bargain though and many of my closet staples happen to be happily thrifted. One day I’ll get back to it I hope because it is pretty fun to find that gem or spit-shine a cast-off into something captivating.

All this to say that one of my favorite stores is where a lovely young lady does the hard work for me and brings all the greatest thrifted goodies into her shop for all to peruse. Today my key pieces came from her shop. Take a gander. I’d share the name but I have to get permission from the fly mamacita who put me on first.

nifty thrifty

I’m so in love with this belt. It’s adjustable and the two silver pieces clamp in the front. And this coat? It fits like a glove and I just had to have it. And I’ve gotten a jillion compliments on it. I love the military feel and the hunter green color makes it all the more interesting to me. Are you Post-Thrift or are you still out there finding that gleaming needle in the hay stack yourself? If you haven’t done it before, there’s nothing like it!