I’m getting so anxious about the winter time and pouring through boxes wondering how the hell I’m gonna stay warm this year. I know that I plan to buy some long johns, some more lined gloves, maybe another hat (as if I need one) but all of my coats for some reason are seeming inadequate. They’re cute, now but I don’t know how warm they are.

I’m sure this flurry of activity is all spurred by my desired to go buy myself the Triple Fat Goose that I never had as a youth but come on…doesn’t this look warm, man? It’s hard to find a puffy coat that doesn’t make you look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. It even has a hood. It’s part of the Lord And Taylor 15% off sale using the code “NOW” even though it’s already a sale price of $120. All discounts included this KENNETH COLE REACTION Long Quilted Walker Down Jacket can help me make it through the winter for just under $100. Who’s with me? LOL.