halloween boo

Well, I don’t have any full body pictures but as you guys suggested, I picked outfit #2. I had a hell of a time finding something to stick in my hair and ended up Macguyvering some wooden cuticle push sticks into something decent enough.

Also, I am eye-makeup challenged and it took me a good amount of time trying to line my eyes. I think I did okay. Not that you can really see it in this picture…lol. This is the best that I could do with my camera phone. This is me and Felix Hendrix aka Jimi’s little brother. We had an absolute blast!

The creativity was amazing and people really got into the holiday. I saw some pretty amazing costumes- like a handmade Donald Duck, a convincing Slick Rick, and a hilarious spot-on of King Joffe Jofer (James Earl Jones in “Coming To America”) complete with rose petal throwers. I obviously need my own digital camera.