box LR

So, this summer I gathered up most of the errant boxes and items that I have stored in garages across the north east (lol) and brought them into my humble abode and I must say that I have *ALOT* of stuff. Too much in fact. I mean why in the world do I still need the jeans that I wore in middle school?

Above is a picture of a small corner of my apartment and please believe that the rest of it was FILLED TO THE BRIM with boxes and crates in a similar fashion. I’ve been digging myself out since the summer and giving items away to people and to Goodwill and to the Salvation Army and the trash bin and have made a bit of headway but I have so much further to go!

boots found top

One of the biggest treats though when pouring through these boxes is finding some goodies that I totally forgot that I even owned. Like these fabulous boots that either my mom gave me or that I thrifted somewhere. I can’t even remember but they are awesome! Discovering little gifts like that makes the minimizing my stuff that much sweeter and pouring through 10,000 black dresses all the more bearable. Soon, I plan to catalog some things to give away to you so stay tuned.