Ah, it’s cool again and time to bundle up in scarves, hats, and gloves. I told you I was all over Papersnitch and it’s time for me to get real about the fact that while I *can* crochet, I barely complete my projects. So instead of stressing myself out why not just take advantage of the many talented people that put the same amount of handmade love into their projects and are much more creative than I am about it. Take a gander and feel the warmth.


A. You Can Call Me Flower beanie by Katalatabata, $15
B. Cream Flapper Headband by Emily Sparks, $12
C. Lux Bubble Beret by Softspoken, $30
D. Green Glamour Mohair Scarf by Me And Tex, $50
E. Handknit Daisy Cutter Cowl by Rotten Cupcakes, $38
F. Baby Baby Fringe Scarf by Softspoken, $35