While this weather can’t quite make it’s mine, I think this current chill is going to stay for awhile and winter is about to make his big debut. Are you ready? I’m still in love with my latest coat I cannot act like these lovely little coats from ModCloth are not calling my name. I think I’m drawn most to the Anastacia but that could be because I’m bracing myself for all the wind and snow. If you don’t have one yet though, everyone needs a classic black coat like The Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff in her closet. Either one of these coats would be a great addition to any coat closet because they seem warm enough to keep the chill off but still cute enough to make these icy sidewalks seem like catwalks.

The first group are the longer coats and the second group and the slightly shorter, yet still warm jackets. Enjoy! All of course would look adorable with the stiched goodies I put up last week.

modcloth long coats

modcloth short coats